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Sony’s TGS 2012 Press Conference Recap

Sony wrapped up their TGS 2012 presentation with a few announcements last night. It all started when Andrew House, President and Group CEO of SCE, got on stage unveiling a new, redesigned PS3. The new PS3, approximately 20% smaller and 25% lighter than the current PS3, will be available in 250GB and 500GB models on September 25th in North America. The 250GB will go for $269.99, as part of a limited edition bundle featuring Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Game of the Year edition, and a voucher for more than $30 worth of digital content for Dust 514. As for the 500GB model, it will be available in a limited edition Assassin’s Creed III bundle on October 30th in North America. Both models will be available in Black and White.

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Cloud Storage For Saves Will Increase to 1GB With PS3 System Update – v4.25

A new System Update will soon be available for PS3, and it will unlock an increase in Could Storage for your Saves. The current limit is 150MB which, while nice, means there are a handful of saves you won’t be able to backup in the cloud. Once the increase to 1GB goes live, you certainly won’t ever run into a problem again.


Playstation Plus Subscribers – Part of Your September Content Is Here!

PS Plus September

With the September 11 PSN Store update, comes a nice neon colorful bonus for Playstation Plus Subscribers! You will be getting Double Dragon Neon AND Scott Pilgrimvs The World:The Game, absolutely free, as part of the Instant Collection! You can also enjoy an early release and $1 discount on Jet Set Grind, or take a nice 30% discount on MaX Payne 3 or the Max Payne 3 Bundle with the Season Pass for all your DLC needs.

There should be another PS+ update before the month is over, so I’ll let you know as soon as I get the list.


PlayStation Plus Subscribers – Part of Your Late August/Early September Content Is Almost Here!

PS+ Extra

Since this is an “in between” week, where one month ends and another one begins, Sony has decided to tease us with several discounts and one free game before unleashing the news on the update for the end of September.

As it is, we’re getting Borderlands for free… right before the release of the sequel! Go after the break to read on all of the discounts going live tomorrow, as well as for those that will be available on September 4th.
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