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PSP Remakes & What They Won’t Feature

With the new announcement of PSP titles being remastered in HD for the PS3 comes another not so good one. Trophy support will not be included. Sony Japan isn’t saying why this is exactly but Kotaku was quick to point out the obvious. Trophy hacking would be far to easy as all games support save transfer from psp to PS3. With email and many other forms of file transfer one can simply post a save that can be placed on a psp memory stick then transferred to a PS3 allowing for an instant platinum. Getting tons of extras with these titles should make for a solid purchase but those who simply love virtual Trophies are going to be truly discouraged on a purchase.

Does this affect your purchase plans? Will this be a theme that will continue with the PS Vita?

Source: Kotaku


Puzzle Agent Review

Erasers. Erasers? Eraaaaaaaseeeers!

Welcome to a new installment of “Explain that Telltale Games Release!”. This time around we have a game that is easier to do a breakdown of: Nelson Tethers, Puzzle Agent. The name says it all: you’re an FBI agent (as in Federal Bureau of Investigation) named Nelson Tethers… and you solve puzzles for a living. You’re even an EXPERT puzzle solver, just to make it be extremely clear that when puzzles are the problem, there’s only ONE guy that can solve them. Think of this as a cross between a bit of Monkey Island and some Professor Layton sprinkled here and there and you’ll get the idea.

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Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection soon on PSN

Mmm, shouldn’t the title have an extra K in there? Let me know if you find the spot!

AFTER the new Mortal Kombat was released at retail someone had the bright idea that a great way to drive up hype, and therefore sales, would be to give us a collection of the original arcade trilogy as a single download from the Playstation Network… again, AFTER the release. And what better way of announcing it than during the PSN outage!

Price is set at $9.99 which, for three games, is a very good price. This new edition will have online play, leaderboards and trophies. Still need to find out if each game has it’s own set of trophies (as has been the case with retail HD collections) or if we’re getting a single set of trophies for all three games since it’s a single, below $20, PSN title.

No release date yet, but soon we’ll be able to relieve our childhood memories with such great, diverse and rich characters as this guy:


Socom 4 The Trophies

Jeremy Dunham // Sr. Community Manager, Zipper Interactive stopped by the Sony Blog and shared the trophies for Socom 4. Hidden trophies are not shown and there appears to be no story spoilers.

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