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PS Video Store Gets Heartless

Heartless is to be the first ever film to get a simultaneous release in cinemas and on the the PS Video Store. Heartless, a new new film starring Noel Clarke and directed by Philip Ridley, will be available for download on the 21st May (or in the cinemas in the UK).

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MUBI Coming To PS3

With Cannes Film Festival under way Sony has announced a partnership with Mubi (no not the town in Nigeria) but a movie streaming service that caters for movie viewers with more alternative tastes. Specialising in international cinema, classic and independent film MUBI will offer PS3 owners an extensive movie library to go alongside the official PS Video Store. hit the jump for a trailer, more pics and full press release.

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April Fools Sale On The PlayStation Video Store

Like funny movies? Hate paying full price and having to go outside to buy them? Then fret no more as the PS Video Store has got your back with an April Fools promotion with full movie prices starting at £5.99. Here’s some of the films which will be cheaper over the funny period;

  • Nacho Libra
  • Jackass Number Two
  • Napoleon Dynamite
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • American Pie Presents Band Camp
  • The Royal Tennenbaums
  • Mad Money

The Royal Tennenbaums, Napoleon Dynamite and Shaun of the Dead are stand out classics well worth your time. If you’ve never seen them before then now would be a good time to check them out. Plenty of other titles are also reduced so its worth having a look at the store to see what you can find.

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Free DivX Movie for your PS3

Free DivX Movie

If you register your PS3 on the DivX website you can download a free DivX movie. You only have 5 movies to pick from, but hey it’s free!

  1. Go to the XMB > Settings > System Settings > DivX® VOD Registration Code. Write this down, you’ll need it.
  2. Open the PS3 Web Browser and go here –
  3. Log in or Create an account
  4. Type your DivX Code into the box and make a name.
  5. There is a 25 second registration video you need to play on your PS3 to complete the registration process.
  6. Choose a movie download and it should download straight to your PS3 HDD.

Let me know if I need to modify these instructions. I haven’t tried it myself yet.

Here are the file sizes, let me know the size of the other movies and I’ll update this post.

Batman Begins 1.41 GB
Ace Ventura 888 MB


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