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Shark Week Dynamic Theme

For those who watch the Discovery Channel, Shark Week officially kicked off last night. It’s probably one of the most celebrated weeks in all of documentary television. Given that, I thought to myself how cool it would be if there was a dynamic theme to go along with it. To my surprise, that’s what I came across.

I decided to browse SCEA’s Viddler profile, because, occasionally, they would post videos before they put a story on the blog, or not post them at all. Such was the case with this video, which shows off an underwater look at hammerheads swimming by above, with the water rippling on the surface. Pretty awesome, and will probably be the first dynamic theme I would have bought. It apparently became available on last week’s update :P.

After purchasing the theme, I have noticed that the lighting in the background is adjusted based on the system clock. Really cool!


Heavy Rain Avatars and a New Dynamic Theme

According to the official EU PSBlog, a new Heavy Rain Dynamic theme, as well as 14 avatars will be available today on the PS Store.

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GeoHot uses his hack to “customize” PS3 theme

Just a little update on GeoHot and his quest to conquer the PS3. The latest update shows a very promising development into manipulating the console where the esteemed iPhone hacker posts his new tweak to the PS3 theme.

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Sexy XMB Improvements

Now before we all start shooting up our 360s/Wiis with an Ak-47 after looking at this picture i have no details of this, it was shown to me from a friend i have no idea if its a rumor/true. I just think I would give a leg for this to happen haha. (Not Really kinda need that)

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