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Game Deals Galore!

October is set to destroy your wallet, so hopefully these savings will come in handy for you. Don’t miss the Sony headset, which I recently reviewed, which comes with the God of War collection free!

Check all the deals after the jump.

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Last Chance: Resident Evil Sale

Don’t forget that you only have until October 4th to get the Resident Evil collection free for plus members, so get them in your download list before they vanish. Veronica X is set to expire October 11th, so you still have time on that bad boy. RE4 and the PS1 classics will be removed Tuesday, though! Capcom is also celebrating the anniversary with a huge sale found HERE.



Disgaea 3 for only $20 and DLC at 50% Off!

Would you like to own one of the greatest Tactical PRG games on the PS3? Do you like Final Fantasy Tactics? Would you like it even more if it had demons, was set in an evil academy where skipping class, not doing your homework and being a bad, bad seed will actually get you an A+? Then I’ve got a deal for you:

Disagaea 3 has been re-stocked at the NIS America Store and is being sold for ony $19.99! You also get free shipping in the US which makes it the perfect time to Pre-Order Disgaea 4 as well!

To go along with these great news, DLC for the retail game is currently at 50% off at the PSN Store which brings down the total cost considerably.

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PlayStation Plus Subscribers: here’s your July content!

It’s only the first week of July and we’re already being told what the rest of the month will bring to paying PS+ subscribers. Not that much to see (which is weird since this is the one year anniversary of PS+ and one would think an extra game or two would make it an eventful month), but what we get is still free and the discounts are very interesting.

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