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My Top Five Most Anticipated Games for (the remainder of) 2011

Since my last top five list was marginally well received, I’ve decided to give it another shot and deliver the games that will keep me a recluse for most of this year.

Yes, it’s almost April, but it’s never too late to think about the games you’re going to be shelling $60 out for. And as long as it’s snowing outside (and it still is here in Maine), I still consider it the beginning of the year…you know, unless it’s November or something.

Anyway, here are my top five most anticipated games for the rest of 2011. All release dates are the current US release dates for the games.

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My Top Five Most (and Least) Favorite Games

We’ve all have had games we’ve despised, and games we’ve loved. Games that made us stand up and cheer, and games that made us stand up and throw the controller through the nearest window. Games that are a triumph and games that are…um…not a triumph.

I’m not good with analogies. Anyway, we’ve all had games we’ve loved and games we’ve hated. It’s just the games I love are always within arm’s reach, and the ones I hate are in the bargain bins at Goodwill.

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KZ3 Beta: Random Thoughts

I played some more Warzone and Guerilla Warfare last night. I have some random thoughts.

Map Configuration You might not think that the map in the beta is too big. Personally, I do, but that’s fine. The large field with the broken pipes is a useless no mans land just to fill space. (Kind of like the one area in Fuel in MW2.) But anyway. The real problem, besides the size, is the fact that it’s hard to get out of the lower part of the map. There’s only three small areas where you can get out of the lower portion, and if the other team gets out and sets up before you do, you’re screwed. Each of those areas is easily visible by people set up in the top portion of the map. That happened to us in a game of Warzone last night, and there’s no way we could plant the explosives on the dam because we were very effectively bottled up into the lower portion of the map.

Infiltrator Bug It happened to me every once in a while, and I thought that maybe it was just me and I misunderstood what was happening. Maybe there was another guy there I was unaware of, or whatever. But last night it happened again in two very clear instances, where I could not have misunderstood and nobody else was around. My reticles were green when hovering over an enemy Infiltrator. It’s quite disconcerting to go out of your way to check for an Infiltrator only to be given incorrect information. Anyone else see this? I’ll be reporting this on the bugs thread on the official forums.

Gun Ranges Why can a guy with a shotgun kill me with one shot 80 meters away? And why can I empty a good portion of my Tactician’s SMG clip into an enemy 50 meters away, and feel like I’m spitting marshmallows?

Unlock Point Confusion Okay, I want to know: what is rule for getting unlock points? I thought I got unlock points when I levelled up, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Do you get them every 10k XP? What? Enquiring minds want to know.


KZ3 Beta: Can’t Beat ‘Em? Join ‘Em!

I played some more KZ3 beta last night, and before I get into it I’d like to make some comments. First, I’m only one person, and this is only my opinion. Second, I know this is a beta, but if I can’t criticize a beta, then they shouldn’t have released it. Also, this game is close to release. Those of you saying “it’s only a beta, the final version could be much different” don’t realize how software development works. The final version will be just like this. Let’s just hope that they patch it. Third, I keep playing it because I want to like it, believe it or not. I know I’ve been doing a lot of complaining, but I bring to the fore issues with the game that need correcting. I played KZ2 quite a bit. Those of you who were around for KZ2 will remember all the game nights I put together. I like the franchise, and I want it to improve, and I want to enjoy it. Fourth, to those of you who like to insult me because I express my opinion: grow up. Or not. I like a good laugh.

Okay, let’s get into it. I played several matches of Guerilla Warfare last night, and nothing else. So these comments are about that.

Before I get into the meat of it, those of you who don’t have spawn issues should watch a little more carefully. Last night I caught someone by surprise right at the start of a fresh game and killed him within seconds of the match start. First blood, and he definitely didn’t see it coming. While I enjoyed the kill, I acknowledge that it was totally unfair.

So last I decided that if I can’t do well at the game playing the class I want to play (Tactician), that I would try one of the classes I dislike playing against. I couldn’t bring myself to play the Infiltrator, so I chose the Marksman.

How did I do? Well, to put it mildly: extremely well. I went from one of the players that don’t really make a difference to probably the best performer on the team. For almost all the matches. I didn’t get the highest number of kills, but I turned in the highest number of kills over deaths. And in Guerilla Warfare, that’s what matters. I routinely got games where I went nine and two, or nine and one. (For some reason, nine kills was a very common number for me.) I often got a ribbon for the highest k/d ratio.

I know you’re thinking “Nine kills? What’s the big deal about nine kills?”. Yeah, I’m not the best player in the game. I never said I was. But a score of nine and two contributed a lot more to the win than the “top” player that went 15 and 12. If you don’t understand that, please don’t reply. The leader boards at the end of a Guerilla Warfare match are not organized by contribution to the win, instead they’re organized by the number of kills, which isn’t the same thing.

Anyway, I’m trying to point out that going from a Tactician to a Marksman greatly improved my score. I did a lot better playing a cheap hide-in-the-corner class than playing a class that is more team oriented. Sure, it was very satisfying to turn around and kill two people who were standing right next to me who didn’t see me. But this is adversely affecting the game. Last night I didn’t see a single Medic. There’s no incentive to play the Medic. I rarely saw Tacticians or Engineers. Some games, there wasn’t a single Engineer on my side, so we had no resupply depots. I had to scrounge around for weapons when I ran out of ammo. Is this what you guys want? Everyone playing Marksman or Infiltrator?


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