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Netflix New Pricing Model

Netflix, which is available as a stand-alone streaming application on the PS3 and XBOX360, is changing their pricing model effective today, Nov. 22, 2010 for U.S. customers. Netflix is adding a streaming-only option for 7.99 USD/mo., and they are tacking on a dollar to the monthly prices for the one- and two-disc at-a-time plans (raising the prices to $10 and $15/mo. respectively). Presumably this move is meant to make Netflix more competitive with the recently repriced Hulu+ service, which was reduced from $10 to $8/mo.


Netflix Disc Free App on PS3 LIVE

So a couple of minutes ago I received an e-mail that Netflix on the PS3 has gone disc-less.

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PS3 FREE of Netflix Disc Next Week!

Finally, the news that many have been waiting for… no not Xross-Game-Chat. Starting next week the PS3 is being freed from the clutches of requiring a Netflix disc for all your watching pleasures. In addition to this change there is a new user interface that brings a much richer and faster browsing experience, content search directly on the device, and dramatic improvements in how fast playback starts, even 1080i1080p on select videos. Also a good portion of the content will now include subtitles.


Canadian Netflix Impressions

Netflix is an online movies/TV shows store, which allows you to watch instantly (it’s their slogan) movies via online streaming. For a ridiculous monthly fee, you can watch as many movies you want, without any restriction, as long as you stay a registered member. When you register, you get the first month free (a trial), and after it’s $7.99 (CAN)/month to stay registered. My local video store rents movies for $5.99 each! As long as I watch at least 2 movies a month, I save money using Netflix over my local video store!

Netflix is available since last Wednesday in Canada. It is supported natively on the PS3, along with a few other devices: PC, X360, Wii, iPod/iPhone and iPad!

I’ve already watched 3 movies this week and I’m impressed by how fast the movie starts; buffering is, at most, 5 seconds.  The image quality is good on a HD television. I guess it’s somewhat a little better than a DVD, but it’s not as good as a BR-disk.

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