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Winners of the PlayStation Home Mechjets Giveaway | Lockwood Publishing [Update]

We had a total of 25 entries in this giveaway with a last minute entry from Kane112. During the giveaway I built yet another way to enter the lottery. By liking the giveaway post and posting to your Facebook wall.

I picked 6 at random and the winners are: Tosh, Oly, EdEN, FooBear408, Kane112, tjf588. FooBear408 finally won something! Congrats to all. After you try it out, let us know what you think in this forum topic.

Let me know which MechJet you want. Winners chosen in order will get first dibs. So give me your top 5 choices. I snagged the green male MechJet.

[Update: Since Jay accidentally entered, since he was helping me test things. I picked another winner at random and tjf588 won!]


PlayStation Home Mechjets Giveaway | Lockwood Publishing

Lockwood Publishing was very generous and allowed us to giveaway 6 Mechjets. We have 3 male versions and 3 female versions. These actually transform into jets so you can fly around home. They even have powers, photos and details after the jump!

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Silicon Lounge Personal Space | PlayStation Home

Check out this cool new personal space from Lockwood Publishing. Invite your friend over and have a virtually dance party in this neon party space. You can have a interactive animated hexagonal dance floor and a gift machine so your friends don’t leave empty handed. If you get tired of dancing you can take the teleporters to Sodium2, SodiumOne and the Sodium Hub.

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PlayStation Home to Get a Facelift This Fall

…or Spring, depending on what hemisphere you live in (but keep in mind, this may refer to only the US; I am not sure what other regions will have). Anyway, Sony’s PlayStation Home team has decided to change up some things. Gone is the central plaza, and in it’s place will be a new area called the Hub. It will still have games, rewards, and activities to enjoy, including Cogs by Codename: Lazy 8 Studios on day one.

Some activities include some questing, so you can take part in narrative quests or just go on a little Home adventure if you so choose. They’re supposedly always going to be updated, so it might create some more activity within Home itself. Anyway, this central Hub also connects to what are essentially districts with specific themes.

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