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SCEA Releases PlayStation Move ‘Launch Brochure’

[tab: Move]While I personally haven’t been convinced by Move or it’s rivals, Sony’s released a launch brochure for those who do plan on buying PlayStation Move in just over a month.The brochure includes a list of games to be compatible with Move this year, comparisons to Microsft’s Kinect & Nintendo’s Wii and a lot more.

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Playstation Move Party & Interview with Anton Mikhailov

A little over a week ago Engadget showed a video of Anton Mikhailov and what the future of the Playstation Move may have in store. Now they are showing us some extra footage of why it’s a bad idea to go head to head against  a developer as well as a little about what he does for a living and where he would like the technology to go.


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GDC 2010: Move B-Roll and Image Galleries


Here’s the B-roll that was mentioned in one of my other posts. To save time and space, I am combining images and whatnot from games listed in the b-roll as well. Some of these games look rather cool actually (The Shoot looks extremely fun!). Since we already know a bit about EyePet, I excluded new images for that, since there really isn’t anything new from those anyway. Enjoy!
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