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Foosball 2012 Dev Diary – Move Controls That Work

Lots of options to control the action on this soon-to-be released PSN game. One Move controller, two Move controllers, or even the good ol’ Dualshock3 can be used to be as close to the table as possible! Watch the video below to see what I mean:

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Sorcery Story Trailer Released

In this Story Trailer, join legendary wizard Dash in a magical tale from deep within the Faerie Kingdom. As his apprentice Finn ventures into unknown lands, he unleashes the fury of the twisted and vengeful Nightmare Queen.

This game is looking really good, and I can’t wait to check it out.

Sorcery is coming exclusively to the PS3 and PlayStation Move on May 22.

Also, don’t forget to enter for your chance at a Move Bundle, right here on the site.


Sorcery Is Coming Spring 2012

We finally have a update for Sorcery after a long wait. We get to see some more game play too. I think it’s pretty cool you can throw magic spells and put some “english” on it so it’s like a curve ball so to speak. Check out the link below for a Q & A with Sid Shuman & Brian Upton.

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Remember Sorcery?

That one PlayStation Move game that caught your attention when it was shown during E3 2010? Sony’s Eric Levine has told IGN that the Move exclusive game is still in development and it’s expected to be fully playable during Sony’s Holiday Showcase in New York City next month. In Sorcery you play as a young sorcerer’s apprentice who has to protect his homeland from an evil Queen.