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This was our biggest giveaway to date, we had a total of 52250 points in the lottery and 209 entires. Managed to get 1,120 fans/likes on our Facebook page, Very impressive! Winners after the jump!

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Playstation Move: Sports Champions Impressions

Victory Pose for beating All Bronze Challenges 
When you win all challenges in a cup you take a Victory Pose

Well, after a LONG wait at work to get home and play with my Move it has finally happened. As I mentioned before I picked up the bundle, plus the extra controller. I have got to say, this is the most immersive gaming experience to date. I understand Wii was the “originator” and I’m not hating on Wii, I love my Wii. But with that said, the graphics are incredible.

There is a slightly longer load time than with the Wii, however it is very worth it. I have tried out all 6 sports on the Sports Champions disc, and I personally must say I am very impressed. Table Tennis was fun, yet more difficult than the Wii Sports Resort. The Gladiator Duel was AWESOME.

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20 Comments PlayStation Move Giveaway! PlayStation Move Giveaway!

We have finally arrived at 1,000+ fans on our Facebook page! So let the PlayStation Move Giveaway begin! My offer still stands on throwing in another PlayStation Move Controller to the giveaway if we hit 1,500 fans before the giveaway ends.

Prizes and details on how to enter after the jump!

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Wii Motion Plus and Playstation Move compared at IGN

After the review of Sports Champions was finished, IGN decided to compare WM+ and Move by analyzing their flagship titles (Wii Sports Resorts and Sports Champions) since they have some overlapping activities to see what each of the PS and Nintendo Editors of the site had to say about these two pieces of technology.



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