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The Fight Patch is Live

The Fight patch is now live, allowing the most requested feature: Transparent fighter. This allows users to look at things directly from behind, revealing the opponent, allowing more precise punching. The game’s difficulty level, at least in the first fights, seems to be toned down, but we can’t confirm it yet.

Some details about the patch can be seen on the PlayStation blog.

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The Fight: Lights Out (Move) Review

A week ago I got my grubby hands on The Fight: Lights Out (regards to Trev & Tosh for hooking me up with a promo copy). With me being heavily into sports and somewhat liking UFC etc, I wanted to get involved in the sport without physically getting battered and bruised – so, what better way to do this than play a game of The Fight: Lights Out.

I always seemed to think I was a pretty athletic/fit person due to the amount of sports I used to play, however I don’t think I was prepared for what I was about to encounter.

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