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[PS Vita Review] Stranger of Sword City

Stranger of Sword City Logo

Stranger of Sword City is the story of a regular person who ends up in a faraway mystical land after your flight crashes as it passes through a magical portal. The strange land is called Escario… the city of swords. What is this place? How did you end up there? Is it real… or is it all a dream you’re having as you lay on the ground injured into in a comma? Let’s find out!

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The Sun and Moon Now PS Vita

The Sun and Moon - 2

Digerati Distribution has released The Sun and Moon from Daniel Linssen on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. The best way to describe the game is with the trailer below. The game is cross-buy and available for only $9.99.

We’re working on a review for The Sun and Moon, so be sure to stick around at!

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[PS Vita Review] Why You Should Play Drinkbox’s Severed NOW!


I’ve played video games for as far as I can remember. And ever since I started to work as a game reviewer, you can guess that I have played even more games in the last few years! Some of them are fun bit quickly forgotten, but some are truly memorable. Drinkbox Studio’s latest PlayStation Vita game ‘Severed‘ is one of those gems that I’ll recall for many years to come and, after playing it for review, it has now taken a spot in my personal Top 3 Games on the Vita!

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[Review Revisited] Taco Master


Taco Master is a surprisingly fun arcade release in which you must fulfill the requested orders from your customers by serving tacos. The gameplay is very simple to get the hang of, and the progressive difficulty makes this package even more fun!

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