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Ecolibrium Comes to the Vita Today and is Free to Play

Ecolibrium is a new Vita app coming today for free. It is a virtual ecosystem game, that puts you in control of creating and maintaining a “beautiful and foreign ecosystem”. “You’ll be able to raise unique and alien species, design the world to your liking, and explore ecosystems yourself using PS Vita’s unique gyroscopic technology.”

You will also be able to acquire, collect and trade new plants and animals with other PS Vita owners. “Collect new creatures using the GPS feature of the PS Vita 3G model and show them off to your friends on Facebook. Release unwanted creatures into the wild for other players to pick up using “near”. Unlock new content by completing challenges.”

There will also be things to buy I’m sure. 🙂 This looks interesting, and I’ll definitely be checking it out.

Source: Official PS Blog


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