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[PSN Review] Sound Shapes

Artistic platformer, please meet my friend the music mixer?

What is it?:
You’re a ball, with a tail of sorts, that rolls around and will occasionally find things to climb into/interact with.

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E3 2012 – Sound Shapes Coming to Vita and PS3 for $14.99

The official Playstation Blog has announced that the highly anticipated Playstation Vita title “Sound Shapes” will also be coming to the PS3 on August 7th for a price of $14.99 that will get you both copies of the game. Be sure to check it out!!

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Interested in the NGP? Check this stuff out!

Sony has really started rolling out new information for their upcoming handheld, which seems to suggest that it’s going to be a huge deal at E3 this year (which wouldn’t be a surprise at all). With the technology behind the handheld, we’ve already seen some of the amazing things it can do, and this week, we’ve gotten an even bigger taste of what’s to come. Personally, I am really excited for this, and I’m not much of a handheld guy.

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