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New Alice: Madness Returns Screen Shots

These amazing-looking Alice: Madness Returns screens hit the web today. This game is a sequel to an Alice game released 11 years ago, and will be released for the PS3 on June 14, 2011. It looks extremely dark, but definitely seems interesting enough to be examined closer.


GDC 2011: Alice: Madness Returns Gameplay Trailer

Although GDC is over, this one kind of slipped under our radar it seems. If anyone remembers, premiersoupir originally posted about this title back in September, announcing it as a sequel to American McGee’s Alice from over 11 years ago.

Here’s the gameplay trailer that was shown at GDC this year. As you can see, it still has the same feel as the original. The release is currently scheduled for June 14th. Be sure to check out the Cinematic Trailer, released last month, after the jump.

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Alice: Madness Returns


American McGee’s Alice franchise is finally returning! EA plans to release the sequel sometime in 2011, eleven years after the debut of the first title. The original game, built on id Software’s Quake III Arena engine, was available only on the PC, but the new game is slated for the PC, PS3, and 360. The first Alice was a gleefully macabre first-person shooter, featuring crazily Escheresque level design and delightfully Freudian encounters with abjection.

For years there was talk of a filmic version in the works, which was being heavily promoted by Sarah Michelle Gellar. Sadly that never panned out. But I’m thrilled that we’ll see a video game sequel. I’m also happy that McGee has forgiven Sony for canceling the PS2 port of the original game, a move that McGee blames for causing his software production company, Rogue Entertainment, to fold.


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