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Alien Zombie Mega Death Review + Giveaway!

Presented to us by Pom Pom Games (who’ve also given us Astro Tripper on PSN) and you’d better take a look at all that this game features!

* Available on PS3 via the Playstation Store
* Intense shoot em up action
* Both survival and one shot adventure levels
* Multiplayer Co-op gameplay
* 20 Zombie types to contend with
* 70 levels to pillage or die on
* Bonus UFOs and Score pickups
* Powerups
* Medals awarded for achievements
* Unlockable space suits
* Decoy pods & Jet Packs
* Bomb defuse tasks
* Baby rescue tasks
* Surely that’s enough?

This isn’t just a minis game with trophy support. Here’s the original minis release in all it’s small, quirky and fun glory:

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