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Sega to stop PS3/XBox 360 support for Aliens vs Predator?

First they make a sub-par AVP multiplayer game and now they stop supporting it all together? For shame Sega .. and not to long after DLC was released too. I still have yet to buy this game, I was really disappointed by the multi-player demo. I’ll probably still get it at some point, just used this time around.

I’ve just received a mail this AM regarding patches for the console versions of AVP and I regret to inform everyone that these have sadly been scrapped.

I had previously made a claim that these were coming and at the time, this was very much on the table. For the console community, I apologize, as I know there are many features and updates that you’d like to see. I’ll keep fighting internally for this to happen, but until I hear otherwise, there will not be a console patch for either Xbox or PS3.

Hopefully they get good response from the AVP players and change the decision to drop support for the console versions. Btw, what do you think of the AVP multiplayer?



Killzone 3 Footage and Interview

The interview is conducted by Jeff Rubenstein – Social Media Manager at Sony with Guerrilla Games‘ Dutch Schenior Produscher Steven Ter Heide and if you squint at the background you can see Killzone 3 running on one of the snow levels, don’t worry the guy in the hat gets out the way pretty quickly! It appears to be a looped video capture rather than someone actually playing through a demo.

In the video you can see it looks familiar to Killzone 2 whilst still showing some new features such as melee kills, turret guns and snow. The melee kills look nice but also look as though they would create problems in a similar way to the recent Aliens Vs Predator in that you’re a sitting duck whilst brutally killing your target. Still it’s looking good and nice to hear that Guerilla are listening to the community. Killzone 3 is due out in 2011.

Killzone 3 for PS3 reveal: Guerrilla Games interview []


Aliens vs. Predator – Launch trailer

I’ve already voice my concerns over the AVP Demo. If these have been addressed in the final game let me know. The single player campaign I’m sure will be amazing. It’s the MP that I’m not so sure about. Anyway, check out this cool launch trailer for AVP.

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AVP Pre-order and Hunter Edition Codes are Not Working

AVPThe Aliens vs. Predator pre-order and hunter edition codes for the PS3 are not currently working. Keep them as they are supposed to be fixed by the 25th. Sega released this statement on their blog:

SEGA has received reports of problems with the downloadable content (PDLC) for the PlayStation 3 version of Aliens vs. Predator. The reported issues center around a delay as to when the PDLC content will be available to access. SEGA is working hard to shorten the delay but understands that the live date will be February 25th.

We want to thank the AVP fans for their support and urge fans to retain the PDLC vouchers they have in their possession as retailers will not able to rectify this issue.

For further assistance please contact SEGA at [email protected] or directly by phone on 1-800-USA-SEGA

Dissapointing, but at least they are already working on it. I’ll be posting pics of the hunter edition face hugger, on my face, soon! 😎


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