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Aliens vs Predator Invades PS Home in Europe!!

Predator Home

Sega has announced that starting tomorrow, March 4th, 2010 until March 31st, 2010, outfits from Aliens vs Predator will be available to buy in the European PlayStation Home. The costumes will include a male and female version of each species. This includes human marines, predators, and aliens. The costumes will be offered as complete costumes for €2.99, or €1.99 for the legs and tops, and €0.99 for a helmet or mask. The costumes will be available in the Home Thread Store.
Here are pictures of what they look like.
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Sega will replace AVP Hunter Edition Facehuggers with Broken Tails

The packaging of the Facehuggers caused many of the tails to literally break off. I went through 3 packages before settling on one that was only torn, vs. completely broken off. According to SEGA, there are a “small amount” of damaged tails, however the gamestop I bought mine from had 4 of the 7 they received completely broken off, and 2 torn. SEGA has stepped up to the plate and is offering to replace any damaged facehuggers free of charge.

SEGA is solely responsible for replacing the damaged facehuggers. We would like to ask for gamers to NOT go to the original retailer where they purchased Aliens vs. Predator from for a replacement.

In order to make this replacement process as efficient as possible we ask that gamers go to and follow the detailed instructions on the webpage or call 1-800-USA-SEGA to register themselves for a replacement facehugger. Once again there will be no charge of any kind for obtaining a replacement facehugger.

SEGA would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our fans. We ask for their patience as we work quickly to replace the damaged facehuggers.

They are requiring the DLC code for the exclusive map pack as proof of purchase. There is also no mention of sending in the old one.

Looks like I’ll be getting a new one and might be able to keep the broken one. I’ll then post the pic of it on my face, even though it is a little small. The facehugger, not my face! 😎

On a side note, the Pre-order codes have been reported to be working as of this morning.



Aliens vs. Predator – Launch trailer

I’ve already voice my concerns over the AVP Demo. If these have been addressed in the final game let me know. The single player campaign I’m sure will be amazing. It’s the MP that I’m not so sure about. Anyway, check out this cool launch trailer for AVP.

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AVP Pre-order and Hunter Edition Codes are Not Working

AVPThe Aliens vs. Predator pre-order and hunter edition codes for the PS3 are not currently working. Keep them as they are supposed to be fixed by the 25th. Sega released this statement on their blog:

SEGA has received reports of problems with the downloadable content (PDLC) for the PlayStation 3 version of Aliens vs. Predator. The reported issues center around a delay as to when the PDLC content will be available to access. SEGA is working hard to shorten the delay but understands that the live date will be February 25th.

We want to thank the AVP fans for their support and urge fans to retain the PDLC vouchers they have in their possession as retailers will not able to rectify this issue.

For further assistance please contact SEGA at or directly by phone on 1-800-USA-SEGA

Dissapointing, but at least they are already working on it. I’ll be posting pics of the hunter edition face hugger, on my face, soon! 😎


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