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Aliens vs Predator Demo Impressions

I know I’m late at getting this up, but I didn’t get a chance to really play the demo enough until yesterday. First off the predator only has 4 weapons?! Maybe he’ll have more in the full game, but I somehow doubt it. There are only 4 slots for weapons in the demo for the predator, marine too.

The Predator has 10 weapons in the old AVP 2 Primal Hunt version of the game. The video below shows off 8 of them. The 2 not showed in the video are the Energy Flechette & Self-Destruct. Which is as awesome as it sounds! Your health has to be at or below 10% in order to use it. Once you choose to Self-Destruct you start to do the classic Predator laugh and about 4 seconds later you explode. The blast from this is huge. If you don’t find something to hide behind your toast. Works best in open levels.

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Updated Aliens vs Predator Demo Available for the PS3



As your aware the current AVP Demo has issues with finding others to play with other than friends you invite. SEGA and Rebellion has put up a updated version of the demo. So you will need to delete your demo and download the new one. If you boot up the demo and get this image, you have the old demo.

[tab:Press Release]

SEGA and Rebellion can confirm that a new updated version of the Aliens vs Predator demo is available now on PlayStation Network. The first iteration of the Aliens vs Predator multiplayer demo has now been taken down from PlayStation Network and replaced with this new version.

The first iteration of the demo suffered matchmaking problems resulting in some players experiencing difficulties getting into matches. SEGA and Rebellion have worked closely with Sony to investigate and resolve the issue with this new demo. The new demo also features additional functionality to allow PlayStation 3 users to create their own matches and browse for any available ones to join.

“We are confident that the matchmaking issue has been fixed with this new demo and we will be monitoring community activity closely over the coming days to ensure that it has been fully resolved. We would like to thank the community for all of their valuable feedback and continued patience,” said Gary Knight, European Marketing Director of SEGA Europe.

Rebellion would also like to clarify the reasoning behind the choice of a Deathmatch multiplayer demo for Aliens vs Predator.

“We chose Deathmatch as the mode for the demo as it’s very familiar to all FPS gamers and minimizes restrictions on players while they are getting to grips with the controls of each of the three playable species” said Jason Kingsley, CEO and co-founder of Rebellion. “We have plenty of new modes in the game and players only have to wait a matter of days before they can play them when the game launches.”

For advice on how to discern if you are playing on the old demo please visit


Aliens vs Predator is set for release on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC Games For Windows on February 16th in America and February 19th in Europe.


AvP: Tosh vs Sinlock

Well folks after many months of trash talking, Tosh and I had our first AvP showdown in the Mulitplayer Demo.

After 10 mins of waiting in the lobby for a room to open up our first match started with Tosh as a Marine and I as the Predator. After wandering around a bit I found Tosh after he tested newly found flamethrower. I was able to land the first kill of a battle that landed up going 1 for 1 until the last few seconds of the match with the game ending 3-3.

The second round (after more waiting in the Lobby) had Tosh as his beloved Predator and I as the very nimble Alien. This round went in Tosh’s favor with a few Ranged and Melee kills with that round ending 4-1.

It’s safe to say that there will be a rematch.


Aliens vs Predator: Q&A Video

The Alien Infestation mode sounds like great fun. Everyone starts out as a Marine and one is selected at random to be a alien host. After a while he turns into an Alien and then anyone killed by an Alien turns into one himself until there are no marines left.

I wonder how they will handle the Predators different vision modes. When I played AVP 2, I had the vision mode mapped to my mouse scroll button and that worked great for me.

I quickly settled down and learned some alien-specific moves that turned out to be incredibly devastating, including a lightning-fast lock-on “pounce” maneuver and a deadly stealth attack.

I like the idea of a deadly stealth attack. But a lock-on “pounce”, I hope that isn’t a 1 hit kill. In AVP 2, the pounce was never a lock on, but it was a one hit kill usually.

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