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[Review Revisited] Back to the Future: The Episodic Game (Telltale)

Back to the Future: The Game is a Telltale episodic game in which you follow Marty McFly while he’s trying to understand what happened with Doc Brown. This game has a great story and is full of surprises in its five episodes.

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Back to the Future: The Game Now Available at Retail

Telltale is proud to announce that their acclaimed Back to the Future: The Game is now available at retail for PlayStation 3 for the incredible price of only $19.99.

Make sure you check out Eden’s reviews here, and hit the jump for more info.
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Back to the Future Episode 5 Review

Episode 1: It's About Time Episode 2: Get Tannen Episode 3: Citizen Brown Episode 4: Double Visions

After such a long journey that has taken us from here to there and everywhere in between… how will it all end? Doc went missing and was stuck in the past where he “allegedly” burned down a speakeasy, we changed things just a bit and all of a sudden the Tannen Family owns Hill Valley in the present, changed the present AGAIN by messing with the past and making it more future than present and even tried to cure a severe case of puppy love between a poodle and a vicious pitbull. Did it all work?

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Back To The Future Episode 4 Review

What have we gotten ourselves into this time…in time? Head hurts, not-cool-cloud surrounds us and… are we locked up? Great, this is JUST what I needed to start my morning with that little extra “shock” to my system. Now, how exactly am I getting out of here before I go “poof” and it is all over?

Mmm, guess there’s nothing left but for me to rock… and rock hard. Rock and Roll makes everything better. Oh, and it also makes it easier to escape from weird, scientific facilities run by extremely conservative older ladies with a “yes, God, how can I help you?” complex. Don’t worry, I’ve got this one for you. Just hold on tight and let’s make the jump!

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