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Back To The Future Episode 4 Review

What have we gotten ourselves into this time…in time? Head hurts, not-cool-cloud surrounds us and… are we locked up? Great, this is JUST what I needed to start my morning with that little extra “shock” to my system. Now, how exactly am I getting out of here before I go “poof” and it is all over?

Mmm, guess there’s nothing left but for me to rock… and rock hard. Rock and Roll makes everything better. Oh, and it also makes it easier to escape from weird, scientific facilities run by extremely conservative older ladies with a “yes, God, how can I help you?” complex. Don’t worry, I’ve got this one for you. Just hold on tight and let’s make the jump!

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Back To The Future Episode 3 Review

Time travel: changing history and destroying timelines since 1985 (give or take a few centuries due to anomalies inherent to the subject mater).

Every story has a beginning and a second act, so now we must make ends meet (or not meet… or be but not be) and savor the present as tomorrow is closer than we initially expected and you never know when things will change at the drop of a hat.. or was it a shoe?

Anyway, on with the show!

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Back To The Future Episode 2 Review

Welcome back! Or did you just get here? Mmm, I could have sworn you were here 10 minutes ago… didn’t you take Einstein for a walk? Anyway, please start over here so we can get back to work. The space time continuity is at stake!

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Official Review: Back to the Future Episode 1

It’s been twenty-one years since movie goers had seen the last Back to the Future movie hit the big screen. I remember hearing stories, when I was younger, that there might be a possibility that a new Back to the Future movie was in the works, but that was years ago. It seems that, at this point, it’s nothing short of a dream, and that most people have realized that a new movie in the franchise would never come. So you can understand my surprise, along with so many other BttF fans, when it was announced that Telltale Games was reviving the franchise with their very own take on the next episode… game-wise of course. But was this a good idea? After all, the series has such a following; was it wise to awaken the slumbering beast?

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