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Batman: Arkham City Joker and Harley Trailer

Check out the twisted mind of the Joker in the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham City!!

Also, here is a chance to win a PS3, and/or the CE for the PS3!!
Batman: Arkham City will be available October 18!! Can’t wait!


Batman: Arkham City Achievements revealed

A featured post on OXM UK revealed the achievements for Batman: Arkham City. We all know that achievements are part of the 360 experience but let’s not forget that 99.99% of the time they translate directly into a trophy list for the PS3 version (only exception sometimes being the addition of a Platinum trophy and extra ones not available on the 360 version, as was the case with Limbo).

Take note, as there will be some spoilers ahead!

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Batman: Arkham City – Mr. Freeze Reveal

Many remember him for his awkward participation in the movie Batman & Robin (1997), played by none other than the Governator himself in all his fuzzy slippers glory. This time, it seems like Mr. Freeze is really here as a great menace to The Bat. So be sure to check out this new Arkham City Reveal Trailer.

It really seems that Dr. Victor Fries is stepping up his game in order to save his beloved wife. Do you think he’ll be the cold blooded killer to put down the great Batman, or should he change his name to Mr. Breeze? We’ll all find out when the game comes out 10/18/2011 (that’s October 18th in case you’re not American).


Batman: Arkham City, Pre-Order Skins

The new Batman game “Arkham City” will be out on Oct 18th in the U.S and Oct 21st in the U.K.
According to, Retailers are offering different Batman skins prior to where you pre-order the game from.

From left to Right:

Batman Beyond: Pre-order the game from Gamestop UK.
The Dark Knight Returns: Purchase the collector edition from any store.
Batman Earth One: Pre-order the game from MightyApe.
1970’s Batman Suit: You can digitally download this Skin from
The Animated Series Skin: Pre-order the Game from MightyApe.

Last, but not least:
Robin fully playable Character: Pre-Order the Game from Best Buy.


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