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BFBC 2 Ultimate Edition Launch Trailer Goes Live

EA just released the launch trailer for the Ultimate Edition of their highly successful Battlefield Bad Company 2. The package contains a plethora of extra-content including — Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the co-op expansion Onslaught Mode, and 6 immediate unlocks for vehicle and weapon upgrades. The package will also include the full version of Battlefield 1943.

Not a bad thing to own if you’ve yet to purchase the game.  The Ultimate Edition is now available for sale across all leading retailers.

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Battlefield 1943 this Thursday??

I was looking into Battlefield Bad Company 2 and came across this on the EA/Battlefield Blog. IGN just picked this up as well.

Battlefield Release Date

I personally am looking forward to this, having loved Bad Company’s online modes. I like the focus that control points add (and love the strategy involved with the gold crates), rather than just the standard death match, which for me gets really old after a while. For this game, and Battlefield Bad Company 2, there are some things I would like to see:

-Reduce the damage. Standard infantry take WAY too much damage in BFBC. They had to double the clip size for most of the guns so that it was possible to put someone down with one magazine.

-I don’t mind the radar in the corner, but please don’t put the dots representing the enemy ON the screen. This made finding people who were hidden way too easy and in turn made hiding from tanks or advancing infantry impossible.

-Make the Support class a little more balanced. A heavy machine gun, mortar strike and a med-kit is a little silly.

-Tanks/Fighters/Helicopters should be feared. Slightly increase the punishment that they are able to dish out.

If they would address these things, I think both 1943 and BFBC 2 could be top tier online games.

What would you like to see from either of these games?

Are you going to pick up 1943?

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