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New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Gameplay

Get out your marshmallows because Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is heating up. We’re ten days away from release, and to be honest I can’t wait to put my ‘Nam gear on. So far from what I’ve seen its a completely different atmosphere from BFBC2. Don’t believe me? Look at the incredible gameplay below.

As for those who want Bad Company 2: Vietnam, the expansion pack will be officially released for PC players this December 19th. Meanwhile, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live players can acquire the expansion pack December 21st for $14.99.


Bad Company 2 Post Game Night Overview

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Heads To Vietnam

OK – that, my friends, was intense. I had bullet shells flying everywhere, and with each game, apart from one, it was close – very close. Jay decided to take the tank on each level for a little ride, and in all honesty – it was hard to separate him from it. Wonder if he actually drives one in real life?

Anyhow, I was hoping to run a Private Match, which required 8 players in total for it to be ‘private’, but due to a last minute drop out – one of my friends, we ended up with 7 joining me for a button bashing session on Battlefield: Bad Company 2.  Instead of running the Private Match, I created a squad for a Team Deathmatch with me, bobbyspit, Ratty42 and Bonart41 causing some havoc, whilst we were joined a few minutes later by Jay, Abkanis and SteveoKenobi.

Credit goes to everyone that joined up. Even though this wasn’t a private session, it was very enjoyable. Highlight of the evening for me was getting the C4 on the tank whilst Abkanis and Jay were in it – and then it went BOOM! I was real chuffed.

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Game On! Bad Company Game Night @ 9PM (GMT)

Yes, we’re game! The BC2 Game Night will start at 9pm (GMT).

We already have 2 teams ready to knock each other’s socks off. If you wish to get involved, send me a Friend Request (PSNID: Madagasca) and I’ll invite you to the Private match – regardless of you being a member of this site or not. If you have friends you wish to get involved – get them to join us – the more the merrier!

I’ve been reading that the Private Matchmaking feature is pretty temperamental so after each game I’ll have to re-invite players etc – so please bear with me while I get things started, mind you it’s my first time hosting a game night so there may be a few niggles here and there.

So, soldiers – the General will provide battle orders at 9pm (GMT) sharp – so be online and most of all – ready!

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Bad Company 2 – Game Night (Tues 7th Dec) Update

In order to celebrate the release of the new Map Pack for BC2, I’m holding a game night on this coming Tuesday night (7th December 2010) – and I want you, yes – you to get involved.

The game night is expected to last approx 2 hours, starting at approximately 9PM (GMT). A Private Team Deathmatch will be created with invites being sent to all that wish to participate.

Update: We have a number of members looking to take part; Luke, Jay, Abkanis and SteveOKenobi. If this still stands, it means we already have 2 full teams ready to rock and roll. If I’ve missed you out, please send me a PM or leave your PSN ID in the comments below to get involved.

So, who’s up for a fight?

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