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New Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Gameplay

Get out your marshmallows because Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam is heating up. We’re ten days away from release, and to be honest I can’t wait to put my ‘Nam gear on. So far from what I’ve seen its a completely different atmosphere from BFBC2. Don’t believe me? Look at the incredible gameplay below.

As for those who want Bad Company 2: Vietnam, the expansion pack will be officially released for PC players this December 19th. Meanwhile, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live players can acquire the expansion pack December 21st for $14.99.


69 Million Team Actions To Unlock New Bad Company 2 Map

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Heads To Vietnam

EA / DICE announced the pricing and dates for the new BC2 Vietnam pack over the last week or so, however they’ve now announced that a new bonus map, a  fifth map, will be available alongside the 4 which are to be launched on December 21st.

The new bonus map – Operation Hastings will not be one of those which will be readily available to select and play. Instead you have to complete a small task in order to unlock the map. You’ve already guessed it (no thanks to the title of this post), but yes – you have to complete 69 million – no, that’s not a typo – I did mean to say million – team tasks in order to unlock this peach of a map.

The tasks will include everything from Heals, Revives, Ammo box supplies to spots and much more. Well, that doesn’t sound to hard to accomplish – does it?


Battlefield VIP Map Pack and Vietnam Release Dates announced

Looks like they have finally spilled the beans on the release dates of these highly anticipated releases for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The VIP Map Pack 7 is set to release tomorrow so be ready to update and get to playing. Meanwhile Vietnam is set to release on December 21st (December 22nd for EU PS3) or December 18th if you pre-order on PC (if that’s your thing)



Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Vietnam: Dev Diary

Here’s a video with the Community Manager at Dice Daniel Matros talking about the new Vietnam DLC that is going to hit Battlefield Bad Company 2. He talks about why they created the Vietnam DLC and what you can expect from it.

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