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BF: BC2 Vietnam Trophies

Ready to be a hero? You’ll need to be if you want these bad boys!

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam

This good looking new trailer was just released by EA.
For $14.99 on the PSN, this DLC promises to be pretty big. There will be four new maps, fifteen weapons and six vehicles that are all based on the Vietnam War during the ’60s.


Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam Expansion Priced

Electronic Arts has announced that the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam expansion is going to run you $14.99, or 1200 MS Points.

The¬†Vietnam expansion will pit United States Marines against the North Vietnamese Army on four new maps, each of which will support Conquest and Rush modes. Toss in new era-specific weapons and vehicles (along with new achievements and trophies), and the price tag isn’t looking that bad. It’ll be available for PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 later this year.

Not sold? Here’s the latest trailer to help you make your decision.


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