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Winners fo the Blimp: The Flying Adventures Giveaway

If you didn’t manage to win this game you can get it for only 1.99 USD / 1.99 EUR on the European PS Store! Check out our review on the game as well. Here are the ideas from winners on what they would do with a fully armed military blimp! We had a lot of great ideas, check them out after the jump.

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Blimp: The Flying Adventures Permanent Price Drop + Giveaway!

Grips Games have just let me know that Blimp: The Flying Adventures will have a permanent price drop. Now it’s only 1.99 USD / 1.99 EUR on the European PS Store! Before, it was 4.99 USD / 3.99 EUR. Be sure to check out our official review that Luke did on the game.


Along with this price drop, Grip Games and are providing 10 PSN Codes for use on the European PS Store. To enter, leave a comment below on what you would do with a fully armed military blimp! The best ideas will win a copy of Blimp: The Flying Adventures. I will pick the winners this Monday at 8 a.m. MST. You have until the timer below hits zero.

[tab:Gameplay Footage]

For more footage and screenshots, check out Grip Games.




minis Review Blimp: The Flying Adventures

Recently Craneballs Studios released Blimp: The Flying Adventures on the PSP, and even though I tried this game out on the iPhone first, I was interested to see how the game stacked up on the PSP. But before I do that, first let me bring you up to speed on what you’re getting yourself into. A long time ago in a galaxy pretty far far away, there was a planet called Solbot, it was a great strategic outpost in the galaxy and so the power hungry aliens from the planet Tarra who by the way look a lot like the Helghast, well except they have green eyes not red attacked it. The current inhabitants weren’t having any of it so they drove them back with the help of Zed Pelin. Zed Pelin did what he could and because of his help he became a captain. He’s kind of like Jack Sparrow except he steers a Blimp. Now the Tarraians think it’s payback time and are back at it again…

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