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Bulletstorm: Skillisode Volume 1 and 2

Here are some more “Ridiculous Ways to Rack Up Points for kills in Bulletstorm.” This game looks to be brutally good. The problem I have with it is that most likely sells for PS3 will be a little lacking due to the release day of 2/22/2011 being the same as Killzone 3. Hopefully the game is so good it wont matter.

Volume one is after the jump!

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BulletStorm Demo to hit PSN On 1/25 ; Plus New Bulletpoints Videos

EA just announced that a Bulletstorm demo will be available for download through the PSN on January 25 in North America, and on January 26 in Europe.

Hit the Jump for more details, as well as 2 New “Bulletpoint” videos.
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BulletStorm’s BulletPoints Trailers are Like Deep Thoughts

Be Pre-warned there is some Profanity in these trailers!!

Yes, this is Epic’s President Mike Capps in the shower:

What did they just call us??


Bulletstorm Trailer

Not sure how many of you have heard or have been following a game called Bullestorm, but here is a pretty good trailer of it in action. Be warned that some of the dialogue can get pretty hairy.


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