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[Review] Burger Time World Tour

For those not old enough to remember, the original BurgerTime was released in 1982 for arcades (arcades were rooms filled with TVs inside wood cabinets, and each TV was hooked up to a single game. Oh, and you inserted quarters in a slot in order to be allowed to play), and it was a 2D game that tasked you with avoiding 3 major enemies (Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle and Mr. Egg, the walking food), in order to assemble several giant burgers to clear the level.

You had to climb and drop from all available ladders, to make it to each burger layer, and trapping your food enemies within the burger layers allowed you to increase up your high-score. A top bun, lettuce, a tomato, a beef patty and the bottom bun made for a deliciously pixelated burger. We only had 6 levels to play, and once we reached the last one, we were looped back to level 1…and we liked it! After all these years, Burger Time is back, and this time around, we are going on a world tour, to prove to all other chefs that Peter Pepper (that would be the chef you control) is the best one there is at making burgers.
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