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Burnout Paradise DLC Price Cut

You can get all the DLC for Burnout Paradise for only $20 if you already have the game. Or buy the game with all the DLC included for $30. Normally this would run you over $100. This deal good until March 31 and only for the PS3. – Source

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Burnout Paradise Big Surf Island Trailer

Depending how much this DLC with be, I may pick this up. I haven’t purchased an DLC for Burnout Paradise yet. Their is a new vehicle called the Carson Dust Storm. Plus eight other cars to win and new events and Freeburn Challenges. So are you picking this up June 11th?

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Burnout’s new DLC Cars

Joystiq is showing off some videos of the new cars available for Burnout Paradise (for purchase). It’s a touch decision for me between the DeLorean knock-off (you know which one!) and this one, but I think I’d have to go for this one:

Follow the link for videos of other cars.

See what you’ll be ruining in Burnout’s new DLC


Burnout Paradise 1.6 Update

So have any of you updated your Burnout to 1.6? Is the party pack worth the $9.99? Seeing how the game is only $20 on the PlayStation store (and what a deal!), the update is half the cost of the game now. Little pricey for the first paid DLC don’t ya think?


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