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Criterion Dates PC, Ultimate and Party!

Criterion Games continues updating Burnout: Paradise, to the amazement of all. There are paid updates coming, but also a free update with the ability to restart an event.

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Burnout Trophy Patch Out

Burnout Paradise Trophy patch – Good news the patch is now out, the bad news … they are not retroactive. You have to start all over. Forget it, I’m not doing that. I just completed 100% on bikes too, oh well.

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Burnout Bikes

The Burnout Patch that includes Bikes is now out! Its only 154MB.

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Burnout Paradise coming to PSN

I’m tempted to sell my copy of Burnout and get the download version. But it depends how big the game will be. No release date yet, but it will be $29.99. It will include all the free updates so far to.

I’m impressed all the support this game is getting. Now that I’ve finally beat MSG4 I have time for other games, so I’ll be playing this again soon. And there is more updates coming this year.

This is the complete transformation of Burnout. That means you’ll see new game modes, new vehicles including motorcycles, day / night gameplay, weather, a huge new island play area, stacks of new challenges and maybe even aircraft!

Burnout Paradise – coming to PSN


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