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Burnout: Paradise in September

Coming in the free “Davis” update to Burnout: Paradise next month is: bikes! And day and night cycles! And weather! And more wow than ever!

We’ve got two rides ready to go – Day 1. Just head for your nearest junkyard in Paradise City to pick up the FV1100 street bike and the stunning Japanese Firehawk racing bike. That’ll do for a start, but there’s more in store once you’ve played a little way through the bike-specific gameplay. We’ll bring you more on these vehicles in a future post.

From the second we added the first prototype bike, we wanted to cruise the streets of Paradise City at night. So, in addition to the bikes, we’re adding night to the game. You’ll see day cycle through to night and see the city change with it. Paradise City takes on a life of its own once the rush hour traffic thins out!

The folks at Criterion are going further for the gamer than any other developer with free updates. This is great stuff. I just picked up this game last week and have had a lot of fun just tooling around the city learning the lay of the land. Steve gave it a try last night too and gave it his thumbs up. For only $40 new, and cheaper than that used, I think that this game belongs in every PS3 owner’s library.

Too bad it doesn’t have splitscreen… (just had to get that in there).

Paradise City Choppers, Burnout’s Bikes


Cagney Update Available to Download Now

The latest update for Burnout Paradise is available to download now. Version 1.30, otherwise known as Cagney, is a whopping 385MB.

The best thing about this update is custom soundtrack support! It’s going to give Burnout Paradise a new lease of life in my PS3.

I’ve barely played it the past couple of months but I’m going to be spending a lot more time in Paradise now, thanks to custom soundtracks! 8)

Click here for the full lowdown on what else is in the Cagney update.


Burnout: Paradise Cagney Update Date & Details

July 10th could see Burnout Paradise get a new lease of life in my PS3.

Today, we’re able to finally unveil the release date for the Cagney software update!

This is our 3rd and most ambitious software update yet! It will be available for free at 09:00am UK time on Thursday 10th July ’08.

This is what you will find in the Cagney update:

3 New Freeburn Game Modes:

• Road Rage
8-player team event. One team must race through a series of Paradise City checkpoints. The other team must stop them.
Cue incredible chases and battling through the city, tons of voice communication as players co-ordinate their efforts.

• Stunt Run (vs)

Pull stunts to score points – hit barriers, billboards and ramps; ace barrel rolls, flat spins and massive airtime to score big. Everybody competes to simultaneously reach the biggest total. Hit your rivals to kill their scores and gain multipliers.

• Marked Man

A player is selected at random and everyone gangs up to take them down. The Marked Man scores for reaching the end point intact and taking anyone down along the way.

70 New Freeburn Challenges
• 70 new timed multi-part Freeburn Challenges
• Leaderboards for these challenges that log your best time (as well as those people who did it with you)

• Hunter Olympus
• A secret Criterion Car!

New liveries
• Rossolini Tempesta Dream
• Two fan-created liveries – the Oval Steel Racer and Inferno Hippie Van
• A secret Criterion livery!

Ranked Race Changes
• Too much to report in this blog entry but click here for the full breakdown!

Custom Soundtracks
• Custom Soundtrack support on PS3

Other high-priority fixes and updates

• If you’re in a 3 or more player challenge and a player drops out, the remaining players can still complete it (subject to it being a challenge that can handle this!)
• “Previously” section on the search games list now displays Challenges, Today’s Best and Freeburn game modes, making it loads easier to decide which game you want to join
• You can now view Leaderboards and Options in an online game
• You can now mute other online players in the show players screen
• You can now mute yourself if you have a PS3 Eye/Eye toy
• We’ve increased time-out for online races, and if all players complete the races within the timer, then you go straight to results
• The Airfield has been changed to help with the drivability of the area and make it a little easier to complete the hoop challenges
• Online cars now show damage – roll up to the start in a half-destroyed Hunter Cavalry and everyone else will see it!
• Added a stronger display message if you rule all of Todays Best
• The Easy Drive menu & Challenges page now loops from top to bottom
• Fixed the navigation system so that it takes into account the next check point in a race
• Fixed traffic not reappearing in Freeburn after a no-traffic race
• Fixed online races using Lawrence Road – it’s been reporting finish distances with a little inaccuracy
• Revised 30+ car resets following crashes
• All new sound effects added for Easy Drive
• Driving backwards in Road Rage now ends the event as it does in Marked Man
• Option to invert camera axis for the look around camera on right stick
• Online player information made accurate on the instance a player goes through a checkpoint in races
• If you set VOIP mix to zero it is now saved correctly
• 1080i support for “almost HD” sets
• Improved the Standard Definition rendering on PS3
• New highlight to show the player in Today’s Best
• Easy Drive fades out if it’s unused for 20 seconds
• Boost chaining no longer possible by drifting in open areas

Custom soundtracks baby!!! 😀

Cagney Update Details and Date


Burnout Paradise PS3 Owners get Cool Feature

Now this is what I like to see. Developers are using the PS3’s unique abilities to do unique things with the PS3. Has your memory card slot gone unused? Soon you can use it to bring Burnout Paradise savegames to your computer and upload it to where it will be analyzed and you can see all the stuff you’re missing!

PS3 players with the recently-released Bogart software update will be able to import their save game via USB drive or Memory Stick and analyse it on!

Based on that, we create an interactive map that allows you to view the location of all incomplete discoverables. That includes Jumps, Smashes, Billboards, Junkyards, Body Shops, Paint Shops, Gas Stations and Car Parks.

Our technicians are just putting the final touches to this feature – we expect it to go live imminently!

Cool stuff.

PS3 Paradise players get all the love!


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