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Online Hacking Already Started on the PS3? | Modern Warfare 2 [Update: False]

I got a email from Holly through our contact form saying somebody hacked her account on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. She said that another player hacked the game she was playing in and made her 10th prestige.

During the game the guy had some kind of hack and he couldn’t die and put everyone in a jumble and killed us all. Then my person couldn’t move anymore and it said I was a higher rank and all of my “unlockables” were being unlocked. And now I am in prestige mode and my completion is 100%, but I just want to go back to what I actually was accomplishing.

It unlocked all emblems, call signs, finished all challenges, unlocked all weapons and attachments, and put my completion of online play at 100%.

Here is a screenshot of her emblem screen right after she was hacked.

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New Greatest Hits Added for PS3

If  you only have $29.99 at the moment and want to get a new game for your PS3 then here’s a great deal: seven new games have been added to the Greatest Hits line and are now available at half of their original launch price. Follow the link for the full list.


MW2 YouTube Videos

I have been playing a lot of MW2 lately. As you may know, I’m not the best of players even at the best of times, so I watch a lot of YouTube videos to help me find ways to improve my game. So I thought I’d share my favourite YouTube commentators with you guys in case you’re looking for some inspiration.

First off, here are the famous ones that I feel do a great job of helping you improve your gameplay:


Secondly, I thought I’d list some YouTube commentators that I think are very underrated. They deserve a lot more views than they’re getting:

MaxPowerTen (especially his older stuff)

I hope you check out the videos by these YouTubers, and I especially hope that you guys give the last two guys a chance. I don’t know them, I just like their videos. :)


Call of Duty 4D!

Have you ever wanted to play in 4d?! Well these fans made their dream a reality, and I must say I’m very impressed by this video. Check it out for yourselves, but do not try this at home it could lead to death in a 4d way.


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