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[Game Night] Modern Warfare 3 | Jan 20th

Loyal Minions!

Anybody who has MW3 and would like to get their game on with a minor internet celebrity – yours truly – feel free to join in the hijinx this Friday. Join in and be privy to all sorts of craziness and random acts of tomfoolery. Be sure to join up so we can talk about Tosh behind his back and start nasty rumors about Jcmdaddy. And as always feel free to join up for the game night and tell me how much you love/hate/loathe our high quality podcast! At the end of the day it’s all about having fun, right?

When I invite you to the XMB text chat room. PLEASE JOIN IT!
If you have a headset, even better – but it’s no required…
Makes it much easier to communicate quickly if we loose somebody.
Plus this is where I share the secret word so you can get your game night points below.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Patch 1.06 Is Live

This is a small 4mb fix that takes care of all the amazing people who add buttons next to their names. I always laughed when I saw it but it can be bothersome. I may go on a rant a bit here for a moment but how many Call of Duty titles do we have now? How many times are they going to release them with the same set of problems?

Regardless we have had a ton of patch’s and there has been many improvements to what remains to be the most brainless fun out there. Here is a full list of what has been changed and what is in the works.

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IGN’s ‘VS’ Pits MW3 Against Battlefield 3

This year’s two biggest military shooters, both released within the last 30 days, are, of course, Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3. IGN has pitted the two in a head-to-head competition by putting the players (read: IGN’s readers) in charge of the outcome across three categories: graphics, multiplayer, and campaign. Given the sales numbers and the fanboyism behind one of the titles, the outcome is rather surprising. Just look at the total votes for each title at the end. I got a chuckle out of it.

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MW3 Epic Fail

Adam freeman is an avid Call of duty player and never expected to be facing a gun in real life tuesday morning when he drove home with his copy of MW3.
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