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Dark Souls Patch 3 Inbound

Dark Souls has a patch on its way to address some of the network issues some are having. The biggest thing I’ve noticed is they are changing the magic to unlimited uses vs the count system, which is currently in place. I’m not sure if I like this as I was just getting used to keeping my spells stock piled for the later parts of levels. Here is what is stated-

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Dark Souls early players beware

From Software has a unique way of saying “you shouldnt be online yet”. Players who have obtained a copy before the street release date are constantly being invaded by overpowered Black phantoms courtesy of From Software. 19,000 HP on a Black Phantom is always good news!
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Dark Souls Prologue Trailer: Part 1

Namco/Bandai games has released a new, short trailer for Dark Souls, which is scheduled for a October 7th, 2011 release.


New Dark Souls Trailer and Don’t Forget FREE Upgrade to the Collectors Edition

Dark Souls just became “hip” with this new trailer. The song was a perfect choice in my opinion.

Also, while supplies last, you can receive a FREE upgrade to the Collector’s Edition of Dark Souls when you pre-order the Standard Edition at no extra cost. Hit the jump for all the details!
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