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[PS3 Review] Darksiders II

In Darksiders II, you play as the horseman Death, in a story that runs parallel to War’s events in the original Darksiders game. As seen in Darksiders, War has been falsely accused of triggering the Apocalypse, and in Darksiders 2, Death defies orders and sets out on a personal mission to prove his brother’s innocence.

Darksiders 2 promised to feature a dramatically larger world, full weapon and armor upgrade systems, as well as bigger and more challenging dungeons and vast array of new enemies and bosses, basically improving on every aspect of the original game. The question is does it?

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Darksiders Demo Coming Soon

There will be a 90-minute demo of Darksiders released on Feb. 25 in the PS Store.

If you have been debating picking this up, like I have, this will be your chance to try it out for free. In Darksiders, you play as War, a Horsemen of the Apocalypse that uses an array of angelic and demonic weapons. The game is an open world, with lots of hidden secrets, multiple puzzles, and an almost endless supply of enemies. The art is based on work by Joe Madureira, an amazing comic book artist, and one of my personal favorites.

The demo will contain the Twilight Cathedral, which is the entire first level of the campaign. This level has puzzles, equipment, and two boss battles. Be sure and check it out!


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