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Dead Block Giveaway Winners!

We had 58 total entries in our Dead Block giveaway. Congratulations to our 2 winners, Dean147 and treedee71.

You codes have been sent via PM here on the site.

Here is a video of me randomly selecting the winners. Dead Block Winners

Make sure you read all of Eden’s review of Dead Block here.


Win Dead Block for the PSN

“How can we describe “Dead Block” in a single sentence? Tower Defense with a 3rd Person camera that has you fight against a horde of zombies. I LOVE Tower Defense games, have a keen understanding of why zombies make any game better and was curious to see if a deep fried and chocolate covered peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be as awesome as it sounds. Turns out it IS!” – Eden.

Make sure you read all of Eden’s review of Dead Block here.

If you haven’t yet bought Dead Block, here is your chance to own it for free!!

We have two codes to giveaway and plenty of chances to enter. Hit the jump for all the details. Good luck!

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The Dead Block Shall Soon Rise from the Dead!

… well, at least once PSN is back online and all the other releases that would have launched in the last couple of missed store updates play catch up. Good thing this is set for a summer release!

All we have for now is a teaser trailer (posted below) and some basic info about how the game will be structured. It has zombies (a must for any game in the 21st century), it has survivors (what fun would a zombie game be without a group of detailed, stylized and curiously inclined humans?), and it mixes 3rd person action (the game uses the Unreal 3 engine, so 3rd person comes naturally) with tower defense strategy (love me some towers, love me some defenses).

[spoiler intro=”Teaser Trailer”][/spoiler]

Looking forward to it, and here’s hoping we get a chance to review this at!


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