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Dead Island DLC “Ryder White” Campaign Coming Soon!

Deep Silver announced today that a new mission-based DLC pack will be released for Dead Island on January 31, 2012, for $9.99 on the PS3.

The Ryder White DLC campaign follows the story and perspective of the main game’s antagonist character and allows players to experience the events on Banoi through his eyes. Players will take on the role of Ryder White as a playable character in a single player campaign with several hours of gameplay as well as brand new weapon blueprints.

Our favorite PR woman had this to say:

“I always like to think of antagonist characters not as evil, but simply….misunderstood,” evil Marketing & PR Tarantula Aubrey Norris argued while sharpening her talons and drinking the blood of the innocent from a jewel encrusted chalice. “Ryder White was obviously suffering from a massive case of beast mood in Dead Island, and I think it’s only fair we got to learn his side of the story.”

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Dead Island Christmas Calender With Prizes!!

Dead Island is celebrating Christmas all month, by giving away prizes daily until Christmas. All you need to do is visit, register and answer the multiple choice question.

Every day there will be a new zombie or Dead Island related trivia question or puzzle for you. The are giving out tons of prizes for correct answers, including the following:

A collection of 10 classic zombie flicks on Blu-Ray
A PS3 with a hand airbrushed Dead Island design
A 46″ Sony Bravia 3D HDTV
A 1 week vacation for 2 to a tropical island AND a hand airbrushed Dead Island Xbox 360

Be sure to visit the site everyday, for new chances and prizes.


Dead Island Patch Detailed

Dead Island consoles fans will receive a patch on Nov. 9th and 10th on PS3 and Xbox 360 respectively. The Patch will fix bugs, raise level cap and change XP rewards. Developer Techland have mentioned that the Bloodbath arena DLC will remain on hold till the fixes are rolled out.

The full list of fixes after the jump:

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Dead Island Winner

Over all there were 217 entries for our Dead Island giveaway, making that a new record for a giveaway. With a possible 15 enteries, your chances were still pretty good.

Congrats to our winner, Jason, who was randomly selected here. I actually hit the Randomize button 13 times, in honor of Halloween and zombies!! He told me yesterday he was leaving on a trip to CA and wouldn’t have access to the site for a while, so he will be in for a surprise when he returns!

If you like having a “bloody” good time, solid combat, exploring an open world while upgrading and collecting weapons, or just like zombies in general, then Dead Island will keep you entertained for countless hours. Read my full review of Dead Island here.

Also, keep collecting those points, as we have more PSN and Disc based game giveaways coming this month!


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