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Dead Island DLC Code Giveaway!

True believers! Zombie slayers unite! Whom will save this adorable pug dog from the hordes of zombies on Dead Island!!

We’re pals, right? Good pals. Such pals in fact that I’m willing to possibly give you a super awesome prize just for being my pal. So pal, you may be asking yourself what kind of prize are talking about here friend-o?

The super mega awesome Dead Island DLC & “Ripper” weapon code combo, courtesy of!

“Only available in the rare pre-order edition that’s sold out across the country.”

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Dead Island Patch Available Day 1!

Oly will soon have a review for Dead Island (which the lucky quack has been playing for a couple of days now), a game that shaped up into a very fun and compelling experience that Fallout fans let down by New Vegas and Borderlands fans salivating over the sequel will be very happy to have available TOMORROW for purchase!

Some problems are present in the final build that will hit retail tomorrow and, luckily, the developer has been very hands on about it which is why we’ll be getting a day 1 patch that helps bring a smoother playing experience for us all which will reduce the amount of complains that would have been there from those that are happy to exchange their money for some zombie love (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

List of fixes after the break.

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This Dead Island Release Trailer Has Some Blood in It

Dead Island is now less than a week from release. This release trailer give you a great sense of how important teamwork will be in the story. I just hope my TV screen doesn’t have to be constantly wiped down from all the blood splatter.
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Dead Island Prequel Digital Comic

Dead Island on Facebook just released a prequel to game available exclusively as a digital comic.

It’s published by Marvel and you can check it out here.

“The comic introduces journalist Roger Howard, who has traveled to Banoi to investigate the illegal exploitation of the island’s resources. During his investigations in the Royal Palms Resort hotel he discovers a terrible surprise that no one could ever expect…”

You can warm up your zombie killing instincts with some light reading as September 6th draws near. I’ve already secured my copy. Buy your own Dead Island right here!


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