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Dead Nation Patch Available Next Week!

For those that have been waiting for the Dead Nation voice-chat feature, you can now sleep with confidence. According to Housemarque, the developer behind the game, voice-chat, along with some other features, will be implemented by next week.

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[Review] Dead Nation

Dead Nation, brought to you by Housemarque, who also brought us Super Stardust HD, is a dual-analog zombie apocalypse game that puts you in control of either Jack McReady or Scarlett Blake. Both characters have been bitten and are immune to the zombie virus and are some of the last remaining alive. You go around using the analogs, obviously, and kill thousands, and I mean thousands, of zombies with a variety of different weapons and techniques. Or you can join up with a partner in either online mode or with another controller in Co-op mode to blow those zombies apart.

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How To Survive The Dead Nation

So who’s bought Dead Nation from on the PSN? The slightly manic zombie shooter is one of those games that will frustrate many a gamer. If you are one of those gamers, then I have somewhat a treat for you. If you’ve not already spotted it, here’s a quick link to QJ.Net’s Survival Guide for Dead Nation:

Source: QJ.Net


Dead Nation to Hit PSN November 30th

The arcade shooter, Dead Nation, from the creators of Super Stardust HD, will be hitting the PlayStation Store on November 30th. There are 5 difficulty levels, and both online and offline 2 player coop. It will retail for $14.99.


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