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My Top Five Most (and Least) Favorite Games

We’ve all have had games we’ve despised, and games we’ve loved. Games that made us stand up and cheer, and games that made us stand up and throw the controller through the nearest window. Games that are a triumph and games that are…um…not a triumph.

I’m not good with analogies. Anyway, we’ve all had games we’ve loved and games we’ve hated. It’s just the games I love are always within arm’s reach, and the ones I hate are in the bargain bins at Goodwill.

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Dead Rising 2 Review from Joystiq

It’s time for more zombie fun-fun! Read this review of Dead Rising 2 and take into consideration that:

a) Zombies are awesome

b) Killing zombies is awesome

c) a+b= This game is awesome


Dead Rising 2 Event In LA Tommorow Night

Capcom is throwing a Dead Rising 2 event tommorow night in LA, with a chance to play the game, win prizes, and fill up on free food!!
It is being held at Greene’s Hardware, 2147 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026 from 8PM – 12 Midnight. Check out these adds for all your Zombie killing needs after the jump.
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This is Dead Rising 2’s Japanese boxart

deadrising2_box_japanLook at that fear on the face of that little girl. It’s so real, you can practically smell the awful stench of rotting human flesh on the zombies. I’d have to say, that headphones she’s got on has got me imagining “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” is playing in the background, as in John Woo’s Face/Off, while they’re fighting off the zombies.

Yep, that’s the boxart for Dead Rising 2 in Japan, which will be arriving on their shores on September 30, 2010. North America, on the other hand, will get earlier by a couple of days on September 28th.

Any one buying this game? I’m certainly showing interest.

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