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Review: Deathspank: The Baconing

Deathspank: The Baconing isn’t your average PSN Title. Its graphics far exceeded my expectations, and some of the features are far from the standard on titles like this. The game is first and foremost a hack and slash, but the most interesting aspect of the game is the over-the-top humor. With that said, my experience with the game had mixed results. Even though it certainly offered me good entertainment, a game breaking glitch (that happened on the 4th “chapter”) prevented me from finishing it, so I took it to heart and gathered enough information to finish writing this.

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DeathSpank sequel announced! Titled DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

When DeathSpank came out on the PSN a few weeks ago, I tried the demo a few moments and immediately bought the game after! I was amazed by both the gameplay and the dialogs, and completed the game (and got all trophies) in under 10 hours. The game was excellent, but a little too short!

I subscribed to HotHead’s newletter (the DeathSpam) and received this email yesterday! A DeathSpank sequel is coming!

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DeathSpank for the PSN Tommorow!!

As Demerson informed us here, DeathSpank is coming to the PSN tommorow for $14.99. DeathSpank was created by Ron Gilbert, the man who gave us Monkey Island, and is an action/hack-n-slash/RPG. It looks like it is going to be really fun, as well as funny. They are calling it “Diablo meets Monkey Island.”

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DeathSpank coming to PSN on July 13th!

If you’re looking for a fun local co-op game to play with friends, and you’re already tired of Joe Danger (no, you’re not!), EA and Hothead Games are bringing the most awaited and funniest game of all PSN, DeathSpank (a lot of exclamation marks).

If you are one of the 4400 and did not know what I am talking about, one name: Ron Gilbert! No? This dude is the ONE behind The Secret of Monkey Island series! You know, those games with LeChuck and Guy FreeWould, Threepbrush, Threepshrub, whatever… He directed this new piece of hack’n’slash action-RPG, kinda like Diablo meets Monkey Island, where you must find an ancient artifact named… Artifact!

So, start saving now! You’ll have until July 13th to get $14,99 (I hope PS+ users get a discount), and make sure to invite me to play at your house. I’ll bring a spare controller :)! Oh, and cookies! Nah, I’ll bring the beer!

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