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DeathSpank 3: The Baconing is Going to be Great!

Here is the newest trailer for the third game in my all time favorite PSN franchise, DeathSpank.

“The Baconing is an action RPG which stars everyone’s favorite Vanquisher of Evil, DeathSpank. The story revolves around DeathSpank wearing all six Thongs of Virtue which unfortunately summons an evil version of himself in the AntiSpank. Now our hero must seek out the Fires of Bacon and burn five of the Thongs, which will allow him to weaken and defeat the evil giant, bringing peace back to Spanktopia.”

As part of the PSN Play Promotion, if you pre-order now through August 25th you will get an exclusive The Baconing PS3 static theme as well as an additional sidekick character with Roesha – One Bad Mutha. PlayStation Plus members also get a 20% discount on their pre-order purchase.

Hit the jump for more details on what’s been added/changed in this third game.
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