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Get Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue Tonight, Free DLC Commands You!

Today’s update brings us Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue , the sequel to the first Deathspank. Those that buy it during the first week will get two pieces of DLC for free: the first is an extra dungeon with an extra trophy, the other is a sidekick for your adventuring. No price for the DLC has been set, but that info is sure to be made available next week once the promo is over.

Oly had this to say:
“This fun, addicting game will add “grenades, guns and bombs to be used in the search for Justice.” Death Spank one was a great game and definately left me wanting more. Chris Mitchell, DeathSpank Designer says that “DeathSpank: TOV was made at the same time as DeathSpank so we were able to take lessons learned on DeathSpank and craft an even better game with deeper adventure gameplay.” They promise a bunch of new puzzles “


DeathSpank sequel announced! Titled DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

When DeathSpank came out on the PSN a few weeks ago, I tried the demo a few moments and immediately bought the game after! I was amazed by both the gameplay and the dialogs, and completed the game (and got all trophies) in under 10 hours. The game was excellent, but a little too short!

I subscribed to HotHead’s newletter (the DeathSpam) and received this email yesterday! A DeathSpank sequel is coming!

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