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Demon’s Souls Gets ‘Greatest Hits’ Treatment

According to a recent Press Release (which is available after the jump), Demon’s Souls will now be getting the Greatest Hits status, and will soon be hitting store shelves for $29.99. Atlus also advises that if you want to get the original boxing/art to hurry and pick those up now before supplies run out.

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Demon’s Souls Guide

This is an old 2009 game, but it’s definitely one of my favorite PS3 titles, so here is a guide with some basic tips and suggestions for people wanting to give this game a try:

What is Demon’s Souls?

If you haven’t played it, think of a third person melee action game like God of War with RPG class play styles (mage, priest, rogue, and multiple warrior types). Then, add RPG mechanics, a non-linear level hub system, lots of very challenging optional side quests, item crafting, character customization, and a very creative online PvP and co-op that are tied into the main single player game.

There is a very unique rule system, and the fun is discovering all of it. It can be difficult and there are some really frustrating and confusing parts, but this is definitely a must try if you have any interest in RPG like games.

Starter Character Builds

The most common starter build recommendation seems to be to start with a Royal which starts the game with a range attack fire spell, and a mana regenerating ring. Honestly, this build does make the first level super easy. You can basically insta-kill almost everything from a safe distance. But after 1-1, there are many areas where you can’t hang back and cast spells, and this becomes a harder build to play.

The easiest starter build is probably a temple knight. You have good armor, you don’t die so easily, and you can use faith spells (miracles) to heal yourself between monsters without burning through healing herbs which are in tight supply early on.

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Demon’s Souls FINALLY Coming To Europe!

IGN is reporting that Namco Bandai will publish the highly acclaimed Demon’s Souls in Europe. There’s no mention of official dates or pricing but Namco Bandai are expected to make an announcement on the 16th April:

Demon’s Souls looks to finally be making its way to Europe, courtesy of Namco Bandai who are likely to be publishing From Software’s astounding PlayStation 3 exclusive later this year.

Originally released by Sony Computer Entertainment in Japan last February, Atlus picked up Demon’s Souls for an October release in October last year, with Namco Bandai set to become the third publisher when it launches in Europe.

A uniquely punishing role-playing game, Demon’s Souls is widely regarded as one of 2009’s finest games, and its mix of classic dungeon crawler traits with innovative online features and structure have won it countless fans. Our in-depth review will help flesh out the details.

There’s no word on a release date just yet, though Namco Bandai is set to make an official statement tomorrow.

Fantastic news if you’re not into importing games such as myself. I just hope it gets an Australia release which it should as Australia is a PAL territory…


Demon Souls coming to Europe


Dynamic Demon’s Souls Theme on Japanese PSN

I know a whole bunch of you are interested in and/or big fans of Demon’s Souls. Looks like its popularity in Japan was enough for Sony to make a Dynamic Theme available for purchase. The theme itself costs 200 yen ($2.25 US).

From the looks of it, the theme randomly loads up different views of the “Nexus”, kind of like the way regular themes with multiple wallpapers do. It’s far from flashy and doesn’t have too much movement, but at least it’s not static images! Given the popularity of the franchise in western territories, do you think it would, or should, make its way here? And if so, would you purchase it? In my opinion, it’s always nice to see more and more dynamic themes available on the PSN.

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