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[PS3 Preview] DmC: Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry has been given a reboot and the new Dante has not gone down well with the hardcore fans who were quick to judge like a father with his daughter’s new boyfriend. So when I got a chance to try out the new reboot I was apprehensive myself to see if their concerns are as bad as feared or if they should not be worried by Ninja Theory’s intentions.

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Devil May Cry HD Gets A Release

Capcom has just officially announced the release date for Devil May Cry HD collection. It will be released on April 3rd, 2012 and will cost $39.99. I have not played any of these games myself, so I may have to check it out. Have to say, I know some people do not like all of these HD collection but i am loving them.

For more information check out this link here.


Devil May Cry “Escape” Vignette

Capcom has released a short but sweet DMC vignette. Everybody is out to get Dante, and it appears he knows how to handle himself in this short, to the point video.


Devil May Cry HD Collection officially announced

Clear your schedules for early next year, Devil May Cry fans, as CAPCOM has just acknowledged the existence of a Devil May Cry HD collection. The early 2012 release will contain updated versions of DMC, DMC 2 and DMC 3, completely remastered in high definition with added Trophy support. The Devil May Cry HD collection will retail at $39.99 and will be available for PS3 in a couple of months.

Hope we get a full set of trophies for each game WITH a Platinum this time around after the bad, bad taste left by RE 4 and Code Veronica skipping on it even at the $19.99 price point AND with such hard trophies to begin with.

And, finally, just to make it easier to consider this as a purchase, here’s a small sample of how much work has been done to bring all 3 PS2 releases into the HD era:

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