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Gamescom Devil May Cry Trailer and Screens Released

A new, pure gameplay trailer for DMC has been released and it doesn’t make the wait to play this renewed IP any easier.

The weapon switching mid combo seems flawless!



Review Rewind: Devil May Cry 4

Welcome to a new feature for As many of you know, I’ve only owned a PS3 for a year (bought a slim console in November 2009) and thus, I had a list of several games I wanted to try for myself since I was a late owner and it’s been a while since Sony’s latest console materialized at retailers. This got me thinking about how there might be others that have either bought their PS3 in the last year or could have even just obtained theirs a couple of days ago, and that they might find this site (along with and make it one of their “go to” destinations for everything PS3 related.

They won’t only need to know about the latest releases for their new console, as they would also  like to get an idea about what games they should add to their collection… as well as what games to only rent and/or avoid. It’s with that in mind that I realized that by adding reviews for older games we could better provide them with an “experience” that caters to most of their information needs.

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Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry Reboot Trailer

A lot of people hate the new look of Dante, me included. The reboot of the series would have been fine if Dante’s appearance hadn’t changed. I have no idea why Ninja Theory went with that look. Anyway, with those complaints out of the way, the game does look like it might be fun, but I don’t think it’s going to top the original series at all.

This trailer will be shown at Tokyo Game Show, which starts tomorrow.


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