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Dirt 3 Complete Edition Arrives In March

If you are a big fan of rally games, or driving simulators in general, this is a deal you shouldn’t miss. Dirt 3 is considerably one of the best rally games in its genre. With that in mind, Codemasters is celebrating the success with a complete edition of the game due out sometime this March. The complete edition will include every DLC since the game was released on May 26th 2011, that’s over $30 in value. It will include 12 new tracks, 2 new locations and plenty of cars for you to play around with!

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New DiRT 3 Screens

DiRT 3 is, arguably, going to be one of the best looking racing games out there (CodeMasters has always done a really awesome job of making great looking games anyway). They recently released a collection of 5 shots from the game, which show a lot of the detail in the game, as well as the diversity in the tracks (something DiRT 2, at least, was lacking in).

I love racing games, and DiRT 2, in my opinion, is still one of the best off-road racers (though, RalliSport Challenge 2 might edge it out on track variety, but it appears DiRT 3 could take that away from them). Can’t wait to get this one. With older rally cars being a part of it (it was mentioned in a press release a couple weeks ago), I’d like to get my hands on an old Lancia Stratos, assuming it will make an appearance in there. It’s one of my favorite rally cars. Be sure to check a larger version of this picture, as well as 4 other ones, after the jump.

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DiRT 3 in the Works! New Trailer!

If anyone has been watching the X Games on ESPN today, the reveal trailer for DiRT 3 was shown (I missed the trailer on TV, but I did watch most of the RallyCross event). The trailer shows off drive-by shots of some of the supposed tracks in the game (which blend into one another), and one of the new features seems to be snow, and the track variety seems to be kicked up a notch, which I hope is the case as, despite DiRT 2 being a great off-road racer, the track variety was lacking.

At the end, it appears that there might be a stunt arena of sorts, which would be pretty cool (the ramp in the background almost looks like the 70 foot ramp from today’s event, though). Given that, I wonder if they would have cross-over races like that in the game (1-on-1, with one person starting on one half of the track and the other driver on the other half, with both racers eventually crossing over and racing the entire track).


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