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Dragon Age 3 on its Way?

Dragon Age 3 was basically announced on Twitter last night in a tweet by BioWare’s creative lead, Alistair McNally.
It said, “I’m looking for exceptional environment artists to join me at #BioWare Edmonton, Canada to work on #DragonAge3.”

Did anyone not expect to see a third?


Dragon Age Fan Made Film Teaser

This teaser trailer for an upcoming Dragon Age fan made film, looks really good. The director Leo Kei Angelos had this to say on his YouTube page.

I love Dragon Age so much, I wanted to join in on the fun of Felicia Day’s live action webseries, to show my love for Bioware and the universe they created.

So… I made my own Dragon Age fan film on just about zero dollars budget.

This is an original story I wrote that would fit in with the themes of the Dragon Age world.

To do something epic like Dragon Age justice without a lot of money is challenging, to say the least… But the whole cast & crew utilized all our resources really well and worked our butts off to try and make it happen.

I expect to finish working on the short film and release it in a few months.

To clarify, I’m not trying to compete with Felicia Day or infringe upon Bioware material in any way. I’m just a really, really passionate fan of the game and wanted to show my support of the franchise.

– Leo Kei Angelos, director


The Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Announced for Oct 26th

We knew it was coming, and here it is. The Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition has been announced! The 2009 RPG of the Year, along with the Awakening expansion and all game add-ons will be available in a single package on October 26!
Read more about it here!

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Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings (Live Broadcast with Contest Tonight!!)

Dragon Age Origins: Awakenings is the first full expansion for Bioware’s RPG Dragon Age. Awakenings will increase the level cap to 35, add new party members, add new spells, new talents and skills, new creatures (such as an Inferno Golem and a Spectral Dragon), and of course add to the story.

Awakenings will allow you to continue using your Dragon Age characters, or start over with an all new Grey Warden. One exciting new feature will be a respec option. With a simple visit to a merchant, and a price, you can wipe characters clean and reallocate “everything from attribute points, to talents and specializations.”

This expansion will be released in stores on March 16th, and also available for download. I’m not sure if it will be available for download the 16th, or Thursday the 18th. It will cost $40, pricey for an expansion, but from the reviews it is well worth it. Releasing the same day as GOW3 might put a hamper on the initial sales though.

Also tonight Bioware is holding a live broadcast on here, at 8:00pm EST. To be able chat or win, you need to register soon.

10 Live Chat Participants will win:
Ten (10) digital copies of the game on PC
Ten (10) Novels of Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne
signed by author David Gaider



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